Why Affiliate?

There are an increasing number of organisations being established to support the needs of people living with or beyond cancer in the UK. One of the biggest challenges facing these groups is the need for suitably qualified competent professionals who can safely and effectively support the members of these groups.

RoCSP is a community of professionals, but offers affiliation to cancer charities, support groups and other organisations with a similar purpose.

The benefits to the affiliated organisations are:

  • professionals with verified competence to meet the needs of people living with or recovering from cancer
  • links to other groups working with people living with or recovering from cancer
  • an evidence base of curated and supported research
  • an international journal with studies relevant to your needs, and the opportunity to submit articles from formal evaluations to more reflective pieces and case studies

In return, affiliated organisations are asked to:

  • Encourage all professionals working with them to join the RoCSP
  • Ensure that all professionals working with them follow the RoCSP code of conduct, and report any concerns
  • assist their staff in maintaining their competence through continuing professional development
  • collaborate with other affiliated organisations to promote the best possible care for their service users
  • support the RoCSP through the annual affiliates membership fees of £199 per year (or £19.99 per month), and by promoting the work of the RoCSP


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