The International Journal of Cancer Survivorship


The journal is the official journal of RoCSP. It is intended to report on research about what improves the quality and quantity of life for those living with and surviving cancer. It is intended to be read by all those working with cancer survivors,
  • Health care professionals
  • Exercise professionals
  • Counsellors
  • Therapists
  • Cancer Patients seeking to manage their own health and well being
It is intended to publish studies about all those factors which impact on their quality and quantity of life, including but not limited to:
  • Exercise
  • Support groups
  • Technological innovations
It is a multidisciplinary journal and welcomes a papers from a variety of research perspectives valuing qualitative methods to capture the variety of patient experiences as well as quantitative studies to identify more generalizable lessons. Our journal will be:
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Welcoming of a variety of research perspectives
  • Interested in implementation and policy as well as more basic research
  Review Process

The manuscript will be sent blinded to two reviewers, who will be asked to rate the article as.

  • Recommended for publication
  • Recommended for publication with minor changes (requiring only editorial approval)
  • Considered for publication with major changes (requiring reviewer re-approval)
  • Rejection as unsuitable for publication in this journal

In all cases the reviewers will be asked to provide feedback for the author(s).

Publication Process

Once accepted, the articles will be allocated to a print issue. All abstracts will be published online once accepted. Selected articles will be published online in advance of print publication.

Interested in submitting your article to the first issue?

Please read the International Journal of Cancer Survivorship Authors Instructions


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