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Professor Alan Gillies (Academic Lead)
MA FBCS CITP FAHE Doctor Honoris Causa

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Alan Gillies was Professor of Information Management at UCLAN from 1994 to 2010.

These days he enjoys a portfolio career with roles as Honorary Professor of Information Management and Managing Director at AGLC Ltd, as well as Development Director at Global Pharmaceutical Applications Ltd.

Since leaving full time academia, he has also:

  • been Editor of Clinical Governance: an International Journal
  • maintained his links as Doctor Honoris Causa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • acted as a Member of CQC National Information Governance Committee from 2012 to 2015
  • acted as consultant to the Regulation Delivery Directorate, part of the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.
  • acted as Development Director at Perform Learn Develop Ltd
  • operated as Director of Informatics and Evaluation at Hope Street Centre CIC in Liverpool.

He is a Director of the Register of Cancer Survivorship Professionals Ltd and acts as the Academic Lead for RoCSP.

Professor Sankha Mitra (Clinical Lead)

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Professor Sankha Mitra specialises in the management of breast cancer.

He is currently Consultant Medical Oncologist at South Metro Health Service in Bull Creek, Western Australia, Australia. He has been heavily influenced by an MA in Clinical Education where he had the opportunity to examine the basis of knowledge and how it is constructed . It also stimulated a passion to spread knowledge to the developing world. This has developed into a philanthropic mission to develop Palliative Care around the world.

His specialist training was at The Velindre Hospital, Cardiff, St. Bartholomews Hospital, London and the Royal Marsden Hospital. He was appointed to a Consultant Clinical Oncologist post in Sussex in 2003. For the first 5 years he focused on developing the metastatic breast cancer pathway and services at Worthing Hospital and developing the portfolio of breast cancer trials at Worthing and lung cancer trials at Brighton and at the Clinical Investigation and Research Unit. He was Audit Lead for the Department for several years and involved in setting up the audit database. He was then Mesothelioma Lead for the Sussex Cancer Network and involved in developing the Mesothelioma Specialist MDT and referral pathways into the specialist MDT from other NHS Trusts.

He has a longstanding interest in teaching at the popular FRCR course in Cardiff, at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, as Educational Supervisor to F1 and F2 trainees, Interviewer and OSCE Examiner at BSMS , F1 scorer for BSMS etc.

He served as an Associate at PMETB for several years reviewing article 14 applications for Certification as a Specialist and am currently an Associate at the General Medical Council where my main role is reviewing CESR applications. He has been a National Peer Reviewer for Cancer Services, Chemotherapy, Acute Oncology & Radiotherapy for the UK Department of Health for several years. He was a Consultant Appraiser for BSUH and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Eastern India Palliative Care, a local charity , which is the recipient of a UKDFID grant to develop palliative care in eastern India.

Erica Sheward (Professional Lead)

Erica Sheward is Assistant Director at the Regulatory Delivery Directorate in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Regulatory delivery is working towards a simple regulatory environment in which businesses have the confidence to invest and grow and citizens and communities are properly protected.

Internationally renowned expert in Food Safety Management and International Food Law compliance. Innovative developer and manufacturer of allergy free foods for specific dietary needs. Published academic, author and lecturer. Dynamic and highly experienced lobbyist and public speaker.

Erica is an

  • Expert in International Food law and legislative compliance frameworks globally
  • Incisive and influential assessor of systems devised to deliver product quality, safety and legality
  • Dynamic academic with strong training, consultancy and leadership experience.
  • International consultant with substantial experience of leading internationally derived teams
  • Inspirational team leader and champion of food policy and strategy
  • Expert developer of food and drink products designed for allergic and intolerant consumers
  • Skilled communicator of strategic and key product messages to a range of audiences
  • Expert on foodborne disease, its causes and the mechanisms for its control


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