Professional Standards in Psychosocial Oncology

Registrants are expected to have knowledge, skills and behaviours appropriate to their role in the following areas:

  • The psychological effects of cancer and its  treatment on individuals, particularly in relation to loss of confidence and  fear of recurrence
  • The psychosocial consequences associated with living with  and beyond cancer
  • Effective and appropriate communication with people of different ages,  cultural and socio-economic backgrounds along the cancer journey
  • Decision-making to seek help where there are concerns about an  individual’s mental wellbeing
  • Use of local pathways to refer individuals with psychosocial support needs to  appropriate services
  • Understanding and knowledge of the wide range of sources of support that are important to  individuals living with and beyond cancer
  • The potential psychosocial consequences  associated with living with and beyond cancer
  • The needs of individuals using cancer, late  effects, survivorship and follow-up services to provide psychological support on a  wide range of diverse issues
  • Supporting individual patients in developing coping strategies that are effective for  them as they live with and beyond cancer
  • Helping patients to develop approaches to monitoring and managing their own  mental wellbeing
  • Providing advice and interventions that enable individuals to manage the impact  of cancer and its treatment on their relationships with those important to them
  • Making appropriate interventions to reduce the potential for individuals to be  inappropriately disadvantaged at work by the consequences of their diagnosis and treatment
  • Using different approaches to assessing psychosocial needs
  • Using complex strategies to deal with communication issues
  • Identifying when patients have mental health needs that require referral to  specialist services and facilitates this process
  • Working with other agencies and services to ensure that cancer, late effects and  survivorship care is fully integrated into the care plans of individuals with new and pre-existing mental health illness


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