Cancer awareness and safeguarding of patients

Registrants are expected to have knowledge, skills and behaviours appropriate to their role in the following areas:

  • Cancer, cancer treatments and their potential long-term effects
  • The range of psychological and social consequences of cancer
  • Principles underlying ongoing care for people living with and beyond cancer
  • eg late effects risk stratification, surveillance, self-management, screening  
  • The normal ageing process and how this might influence people living with and beyond cancer
  • Other common long-term conditions that may influence care
  • The legal framework and guidelines relating to the consent process
  • Needs assessment and its implications for practice
  • Actual and potential problems that might require further attention
  • Appropriate decision-making to seek help or report concerns where necessary, prioritising those who require urgent intervention
  • Assessment of lifestyle issues that are of concern for individual patients based on
  • objective measurements and individual priorities
  • Documenting clear and accurate information about service users living with and beyond cancer  
  • Providing accurate and appropriate information for care plans and treatment summaries
  • Providing information and explanations to individuals and their family members in relation to their rehabilitation planning
  • Governance and confidentiality relating to care plans and records
  • Providing individuals with written information to support their care plan
  • Communicating ongoing care needs to other professionals
  • The types of support and assistance that individuals may need at different times in their care pathway and knows how to access them
  • Resources available for people living with and beyond cancer 
  • Promotion of the participation and inclusion of all service users and identification and reporting of potential barriers
  • Respect for the decisions made by individuals concerning their health and wellbeing in relation to cancer, cancer treatments, survivorship and late effects care
  • Decision-making to seek help and report concerns to colleagues when an individual’s choices place them at risk
  • Awareness of the legal frameworks governing cancer and work


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