Why Register?

There are over two and a half million people living with or beyond cancer in the UK; an increase of half a million in the last 5 years. If current trends continue, It is estimated that four million people will be living with or beyond cancer by 2030. There is growing evidence that mental well-being and physical recovery are enhanced by membership of a support group and by exercise.

It is essential that there is a community of professionals competent to provide the support that people recovering from cancer need.

RoCSP invites any professional working in this field to join the register, which will provide:

  • verification of your professional competence to meet the needs of people living with or recovering from cancer
  • links to groups working with people living with or recovering from cancer
  • access to training courses and continuing professional development
  • an evidence base of curated and supported research
  • an international journal with studies relevant to your practice.

In order to register as a cancer survivorship professional, you will need to

  • show competence at an appropriate level for your chosen registration level
  • agree to maintain that level of competence by professional development
  • abide by our code of conduct
  • pay the annual registration fee

You can apply to join the register at one of three levels:

Associate: When you have completed your training and passed the assessments, you will complete a period of mentored practice.

Professional: After a successful period working with a mentor, you will able to show that you can perform safely and autonomously in your required competencies

Fellow: As a Fellow you are an advanced experienced practitioner, typically leading a team, can handle difficult and unusual situations, and advise others how to do so.

When you apply to join the register at any level you will be asked to provide information about:

  • Role with people living with or beyond cancer
  • Qualifications
  • Career to date
  • Job role
  • Employer
  • Registrant level
  • Plan to reach professional registration or Professional development plans

You will be asked to complete your competency profile, and asked to confirm that:

  • The details provided are accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge
  • You agree to abide by the RoCSP code of conduct and maintain your professional competence
  • You give consent for RoCSP to contact your employer to verify the details provided    
  • You give consent for RoCSP to store and process the personal information provided for the purpose of maintaining the register


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